Bradford in lockdown: all photographs taken during a warm Saturday afternoon, 9th May 2020. Photos by Tim Smith.

What has life in lockdown been like for you?

What technologies have you been using to keep in touch and keep up to date?

BCB is working with the National Science and Media Museum to record your experiences and to create the Bradford Corona Chronicles Archive.

The Bradford Corona Chronicles Archive will mean that people now and people in the future will be able to explore what life was like during the Corona pandemic across the District.

BCB is uniquely placed to build a rich picture of life under lockdown as it is staffed by volunteers who have connections into every corner of Bradford Metropolitan District. BCB also has live experience of keeping the radio station on air during coronavirus using every type of technology from digital video conferencing to the old-fashioned phone call.

The National Science and Media Museum is particularly keen to understand the role of media technology in our everyday lives under lockdown. Has the crisis changed the way we use media technology?

Mary Dowson, Director of BCB:

‘This is such an important moment in all our lives  – and in Bradford’s history. We want to ensure that we capture for posterity the voices of Bradford’s communities during the Corona lockdown. We’ve all been affected in different ways and we now have the opportunity to create a unique audio archive that reflects those diverse lived experiences’

Jo Quinton-Tulloch, Director of the National Science and Media Museum:

‘Media technology has played a crucial role in the Corona lockdown. It has kept us together. It has kept us up to date with the news and it has kept us in touch with friends and family. But it has also divided us. Not everyone has access to digital technology and not everyone wants to use it in the same way.  The Corona Chronicles will help us explore peoples’ experiences of lockdown in Bradford, whether and how they have used technology, and how it has or hasn’t shaped and affected their lives through this crisis’.

If you have a story you’d like to share, let us know.

  • Corona Interview: Be interviewed by one of the BCB or NSMM volunteers
  • Corona Conversation: Record a conversation with the people who have been with you in lockdown
  • Corona Monologue: Record a monologue – a coronalogue if you will! – of your own experiences

For the questions and advice on recording, email

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Bradford Corona Chronicles is part of the Bradford’s National Museum project.  Bradford’s National Museum project is a three-year action research project which uses mini-projects like Bradford Corona Chronicles to understand how the museum can become rooted in Bradford and work in more open, engaged and collaborative ways.

We are not yet sure where the archive will go on completion. It will either be collected by the National Science and Media Museum or by the University of Leeds.

Posted by:Helen Graham