From Kraków to Bradford: A story of two Polish journalists – by Chris Hladowski

Bradford-born musician and curator, Chris Hladowski tells the fascinating story of how two members of his family used media to penetrate the infamous ‘Iron Curtain’. Their journalistic work helped to consolidate a sense of Polish identity in exile and the solidarity needed to fight against the Soviet occupation of Poland. Print and radio provide people…

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Fast FM Radio: Bradford and the Origins of Muslim Community Broadcasting – Seán McLoughlin and Masood Sadiq

In an effort to cut down on pirate radio stations, the 1990 Broadcasting Act allowed short-term “Restricted Service Licences” (RSLs) for the first time. Such licences enabled community groups to broadcast for around one month within a local radius of around three to five kilometres. This new opportunity prompted pioneering broadcasters working on local Asian…

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Bradford’s Big Image Problem – Si Cunningham Explores Why Modern Media Imagery is Telling a Tale of Two Cities

A Google image search for the word ‘Bradford’ throws up some predictable results. Predictable, that is, if you’re a Bradfordian. The first few pages almost exclusively feature depictions of City Park, the vast new public space that laps up to the walls of Bradford’s awesome neo-gothic City Hall. This should come as no surprise to…

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